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Mr. Facet Artwork
Care Guide

How to keep your faceted glass

art looking brand new -- forever!

Your satisfaction is my number one concern. I have outlined some tips below on how you can keep your pendant looking brand new forever. These care guidelines can be applied across the board to any of my glass art creations, not just pendants,


  • Store pendant in hard case when not wearing

  • Be careful placing it down on hard surfaces

  • The pendant is 100% glass , the edges are sharp!

  • Do not stack pendants (wearing multiple pendants at once)

  • Pendant collisions can cause chips / scratches to appear

  • Clean with warm water and soap (no solvents are necessary!)

  • If there is a very sticky or grimy dirt spot, Q tip with 70% isopropyl alcohol is recommended. Do not soak the pendant in alcohol or any solvents / abrasives. 


Some info about your pendant…


  • Composed of individual pieces of clear glass that are cut, ground. polished, and laminated (glued) together over a period of multiple weeks. The glue is called HXTAL.

  • Each line you see in your pendant is a “cut” that was made to add more glass. 

  • Fully cured for 7 days in between every cut to ensure a maximum strength bond

  • 2 part professional epoxy cures to become harder than the glass

  • museum grade quality glue, will never yellow or degrade over time or with sun exposure

  • The only thing that can make your pendant fall apart is prolonged exposure to dangerous chemicals or exposure to temperatures over 500 degrees. 

  • Direct sun exposure is not harmful (and 100% encouraged!) for the pendant

  • Square edged pendants will only reflect and refract light with prismatic beams. There is no light magnification / fire hazard that can be associated with round glass art.


Mr.Facet is not liable for any damage brought upon 

your pendant from miswear or misuse of pendant. 


Please reach out if you need anything – i’ll be glad to help however I can. I can be found through my website with the contact form or on instagram through DM’s.

Thanks for your support & enjoy your pendant!



Cody Rosenberg

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