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I specialize in several different coldworking techniques that involve carving, grinding, cutting, and polishing glass after it has been forged in the heat. All of glass work is done cold.

Citrus Fruits

Flame worked, then cold worked glass

I facet marbles and other various glass objects to create viewing windows that are ground and polished using gemstone cutting equipment and diamond-impregnated sanding pads. The glass is ground at different angles to achieve kaleidoscopic effects within the glass. The colorful designs trapped within the glass are created using various glassblowing and lampworking techniques that involve molten hot glass that is worked in a flame by friends and fellow artists around the world.

Cold fusion sculptures

I specialize in a cold fusion technique that involves cutting, grinding, polishing, and laminating individual pieces of glass together over a period of several weeks and months to create different sculptural and wearable art. The individual pieces of glass are fused together using a professional glass epoxy called HXTAL-NYL-1 that cures over a 7 day period to become harder than the glass and form a lifelong bond.

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