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SHIPS July 15th

31 x 16 x 11 (LxWxT)

Double Coricello pattern made from hand cut 2mm strips of clear glass stacked in non-intersecting layers. 4 layers of linework in total .

Loop size: 3.5mm

100% glass coldworked pendant

Italian sterling silver snake chain and custom-fit hard case included. (16" and 22" chains offered, leave a comment in the notes for which one you'd prefer. If you do not leave a note I’ll send you a 22” chain by default)


Created from individual pieces of borosilicate glass that were saw cut, from large blocks, then ground, polished, and laminated together over a multi week period. Similar to assembling a puzzle , then cutting it apart to reassemble in a new arrangement. The pieces are continually being cut, ground, and fused together for weeks and weeks to achieve the multi dimensional effects shown within.

Medium Double Coricello Pendant

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